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In Need of Tax Help 
Our team is a trusted accounting firm that is dedicated to offering quality tax help in South Florida . We are committed to offering South Florida tax help to individuals and companies that deal with IRS related issues and the penalties that may have come with them. Specializing in financial management service and debt penalty relief, Creative Tax Solutions in Lantana is the area’s trusted name when professional assistance is needed.

Our team of professionals offers solutions to problems consisting of IRS audits, wage garnishment, as well as tax liens and tax levies.

We offer a variety of general tax help to cover any issue you might be having.
Tax Help Solutions Offered:
■ Tax audit help that gives you peace of mind when dealing with the IRS.
■ Tax debt help to remove levies and liens on your property.
■ Back tax help that will resolve any late returns that are accruing interest.
■ Help to remove wage garnishment and other penalties.

Tax Audit Help When IRS Issues Arise
Most people fear the very idea of being audited. However, these IRS reviews are simply meant to find and resolve mistakes. As long as you have done your part to file correctly, all you have to do is get your records organized to clarify any errors that have been made by you or by the IRS. If you are overwhelmed, Creative Tax Solutions offers IRS tax help by examining your specific information, helping you gather the necessary tax records and determining the best way to present accurate information to the IRS.

Tax Debt Help for Liens and Levies
If your debts have built up enough the IRS may place a lien or a levy on your property. A lien allows to the IRS to legally place a lien on your property as collateral. If there is a lien on your house, for instance, you can’t sell it and the government can seize it if you fail to pay what you owe. A levy is when the IRS actually seizes your property in order to satisfy your obligation.
We specialize in providing South Florida tax help to remove levies and liens from property. If you have received notices from the IRS saying that they are going to place a levy or a lien on your property contact us immediately for tax help. This is a serious issue that becomes worse the longer you wait to take action. We can look into your situation and investigate the best way to remove the penalties from your resources as quickly as possible.

Back Tax Help and Resolution
If you’ve gone year after year unable to completely pay what you owe to the IRS can be difficult to handle the growing deficit. Every year they go unpaid they accrue more and more debt which can lead to penalties and legal action. If you can’t pay, file your returns and see if you can qualify for a payment plan. If you have failed to file returns or pay your dues, Creative Tax Solutions can help you collect the necessary information to file your late returns. Once you file your returns, we can determine your liability and work with you to help you pay off or resolve debts.
Comprehensive Tax Help Is Just a Few Steps Away
Creative Tax Solutions in Lantana is conveniently located on Hypoluxo RD so getting immediate tax help is an easy process. If you need tax help in any of the above areas, call us for a free consultation. Then set up an appointment to talk about your specific issues with an experienced and qualified consultant.
Once we’ve helped you determine the best course of action for your situation, we can work towards helping you achieve a life free of obligations to the IRS.